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Mini Olympics

A series of fun events to test all components of sporting talent through multi-discipline activities.
• Teams will consist of between 5 – 7 members.
• Each game will have different numbers of participants.
• Each game will be umpired by member of another team.
• There will be a total of 8 games.
• Each team will play all games


Please ensure that all participating team members arrive at the venue by 5.00pm at the latest for pre-event registration, briefing and handing out equipment this will enable a prompt 5.30pm start.

Playing by the rules

• Individuals must balance an egg on a spoon, and a bean bag on their heads, and complete an Extreme Obstacle Course.
• 5 team members must take part in a relay style and the team with the quickest combined time will win!
• 5 team members will be required to complete the course
• The first player can get the bean bag and spoon in place before the clock is started.
• They must navigate through the obstacles, and then straight back to the start line, where they must swap the beanbag and spoon over to the next team member.
• If anyone drops the egg, spoon or bean bag, they must return to the start.
• The clock will start when the first person starts and will end when the last person finishes.

• 5 team members will have 2 attempts to roll a ball onto a scoring mat. The further away you stand, the more points you get!
• There will be 1 scoring mat with 2 standing lines. If you stand at the closer line, you’ll get normal points. If you stand at the further one, you will get double points
• The team are allowed 5 minutes to practice
• Following this 5 minutes each team member is allowed 2 scoring throws
• Highest scoring team gets most points.

• Each team will nominate a different person to take part in each activity depending on their physical strengths.
• The team will then have 1 minute to complete as many repetitions as possible on each activity.
• The total number of repetitions from all activities will be added together.
• The team with the highest number will receive the most points.
• Activities are: press ups – sit ups – weighted lunges – Turkish get ups – squat thrusts – tricep dips.

• 5 team members will have to knock balls off from balanced stumps.
• Each team member will get 6 shots.
• The team with the least amount of balls and stumps standing will win.

• Each team member has five shuttlecocks and has to hit them into the containers on the other side of the court.
• Points will be awarded based on how many shuttlecocks land in the different valued containers

• Each team will have 1 minute to score as many nets as they can.
• Each player in the team will take turns to shoot for the net from a marked position.
• The team with the most nets will be placed highest and awarded the most amount of points.

• There will be 5 rowing machines set up next to each other.
• The machines will be set on a minute countdown
• The countdown will start as soon as the first stroke is taken.
• The team will be awarded a position based on the total distance gained from all 5 machines.
• Points will be awarded based on the position of the team.

• The teams will get a sheet with a variety of questions regarding sport and fitness.
• These sheets will be collected by the officials and scores will be announced at the end.

Time / Location

29th May 2019

5.30pm to 9.00pm

To be confirmed

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